Trials that Abound in Joy

Last week we announced that we will be adoption soon. Not sure when or how but the pieces are coming together. Please continue to pray.

The deeper we get in the adoption process, the more excited we are to be parents. To be honest, it’s not something we have talked about much until the last year. Parenting was always something we hope for but we were very satisfied with the season of life we were in. Now that the parenting bug has bitten us, thoughts of being a mom and dad flow though our conversation and our planning. As we have prayed, talked and planned; I have become more aware of the different ways couples become parents. Some have kids through the traditional biological path, and others through adoption, but in it all this there is an ever present self-sacrificing love.

A few days ago I watched a short video documentary telling the story of the of Ward Miles. Ward was born 3 1/2 months premature and was less than 1.5 lbs. This family’s year long journey to health was marked with hardship and great joy. This story was a good reminder to me that the gifts we are given are rarely without struggle but are almost always filled with abundant blessings.¬†Sarah and I are so excited to be adopting but also know that abounding joy and trails go hand in hand.

We are thankful for stories of children like Ward Miles and anticipate the day when we too can love our children with such self-sacrificing love.

Adoption pic

We’re Adopting

You heard it right. We are in the process of adopting children!

This last year has been a crazy whirlwind of hardship, tragedy, near death experiences and then healing. Sarah and I found it hard at times to even catch our breath during this marathon year. One of the harder things that has happened is the news that we most likely will not be able to have biological kids as a result of the cancer. This is a death of sorts- death of a hope and dream of having a big, Christ-centered family. Even in this however, God’s hand of goodness has been present.¬†Even before the cancer, Sarah and I had been talking about adoption. We love the idea of welcoming into our hearts and home kids who have been unloved and broken. This is a clear picture of the love Christ has shown to us His children. We began to develop a heart for adoption because we ourselves have been adopted into the family of God. Instead of being disappointed at the news of infertility, by God’s grace, we have been excited at the prospect of adoption.

We do not know all the details as of yet. We have finished all the paper work and are praying that God provides a child soon. We hope to adopt internationally one day, but because of health regulations in most countries, we will need to wait several years post cancer. Right now we are pursing domestic adoption and could not be happier.

The next step in the process is to raise money. As you may know, adoption is an expensive endeavour. An adoption can cost anywhere from $15,000 up to more than $30,000. We are hoping to keep the cost low but even then it will be way beyond our means. This is where our humble request comes. Just as you journeyed with us through cancer, we ask you now to journey with us through adoption. We need two things:

1. Prayer for our adoption process, our new kid(s) and our hearts to have strength on this roller coster ride.
2. Finances so that we can move forward to our goal of $20,000. Big or small, we are grateful for any gift you can give.

If you would like to give toward our adoption, please email me for our mailing address: