Baby feet

Welcome to the World Little One

Anastasia “Asia” Elaine Sloan
Born May 22 at 8:30pm
6lbs 8 oz

Our little Asia was born on Thursday evening. We so wish we could have been there but the details of our adoption don’t allow us to meet her for another few days. We long to see her but rest knowing that she is being well taken care of. We are told by everyone that she is a beautiful little girl. We have no doubt that she is. She has been moved to the NICU so that they can provide her with better care. She has a few issues stemming from the pregnancy but we hope she won’t need to be in the hospital very long. Please pray she recovers quickly and can come home to us soon.

Our hope is to be able to go and be with her in the next few days. We will keep you updated.

UPDATE 5/24:
Got an update on Asia this afternoon. She is eating more but is still in the NICU. Please pray for her health, for the staff in the NICU and for Sarah and I as we are away from our little girl.

Its a Girl

It’s a Girl

We are going to have a girl! On Monday, Sarah had the chance to spend sometime with our birthmother and learned that we are having a baby girl. We were also give an envelope full of ultrasound pictures. I even think she looks a little like me.

If you have been doing the math, you know that we are very near the expected birth time. At first we were told the baby would come before now but several weeks ago we learned that she was due a few weeks later. We are getting close to game time. Any day now we expect to get a call from our adoption agency letting us know that Baby Sloan has arrived. Please continue to pray for our little baby girl, her birthmother and for our growing family.

In other news, we are excited to announce that we have raised all the money we need to complete our adoption- over $18,000. Sarah and I are astounded at the kindness we have been shown by many of you. Weekly we see monetary gifts come from unexpected places and from the people we least expect. Many of you gave extraordinary amounts and we are still in shock at your generosity.

It’s no secret that this has been a hard season for our family but it is evident that the tide is turning. Thank you for walking with us through our season of suffering and now thank you for your companionship in this new season of joy.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Baby Sloan is coming soon!

Journey Across Western China

I know that many of you are hoping for an update on our adoption. Sarah plans to go with our birthmother for her last ultrasound so we are holding off the update until then. Just know that there are good things in store!

A few weeks ago I head out on a trip across Western China for my work. Myself and four others were able to visit the beautiful cities of Xining, Lhasa and Chengdu. This part of the world has always astounded me and though I have been able to go before, this trip allowed me to get a fuller picture of the life and culture of Western China.

Western China is a mixture of cultures and people. There are millions and millions of Han Chinese but also hundreds of other minority groups. Our small group was able to taste the language, culture, food and life of quite a few of these minority groups. China is rich with culture and its people were nothing but hospitable. Without hesitation I can say that China and its people hold some of the most beautiful experiences on the planet. Below are a collection of pictures from my trip. I hope they give you a taste of life there and that you develop a desire to go and see these places yourself.