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On Tuesday, we sat in a Louisville family court room next to our lawyer, with the support of a dozen friends and family. Our court was under the rule of a very kind judge who spoke one powerful word- irrevocable. This one word spoke volumes to us. The judge used it to communicate that what had just happened was unchangeable, something no one could ever take away from us. He had just made the adoption of Asia into our family official. She was ours and we were hers. No one or no thing could change this ruling. It was irrevocable.

So there it is. It’s official. Our little Asia is a Sloan.

In less than 9 months we went from deciding to adopt, to being placed with a birth mom, to raising over $18,000 to now having this precious little girl as a part of our family. It would not have been possible in any way without the ongoing support, fervent prayers and sacrificial giving of those who love us deeply. Thank you for making our family possible.

As a way of saying thank you, and because we are proud parents; here is an endless supply of baby pictures that we can finally show. Enjoy!

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  1. I am so in love with this precious little baby. you guys are amazing parents and I am so excited for what God has done Ephesians 3;20 style in your lives..

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