Travel Links

Planning a trip?
Here are great sites that will help you plan your next adventure.

Travel Advisor: The best all encompassing site to help plan your travel. The best part is that the content is driven by travelers.
Lonely Planet: Nobody does it better than Lonely Planet. Taking along their guidebooks is a must but the website is helpful as well.
National Geographic: This site has a great section on travel and adventure. Gives great ideas and is visually driven.
12hr Travel Guide: If you’re like me, you only get a day or two in each city you visit. Use this site to make the most of them.

Booking a trip?
This can be a crazy endeavor but knowing the best sites to help book your trip is a great place to start.

Kayak: It’s one of the most popular travel booking sites for a reason. Hard to beat this one.
SkyScanner: This is my favorite sites for booking plane tickets around the globe, especially trips that do not originate from the States.
Hipmunk: This unique site looks at different factors like flight price, layover times and leg room to recommend the most enjoyable flight. My favorite site for booking hotels. Why you ask? For every 10 hotel stays, they give you a free night.
Hotwire: I love cheap plane tickets and love surprises and that’s why I love this website. By keeping some of the details of the booking secret, they can offer great deals
Airbandb: Without doubt my favorite way to book lodging. This site allows normal people to rent out their home to others. So much better than a hotel.

Other Great Travel Sites
There are loads of great websites out there that will give you the tools you need to be a more experienced traveler.

SeatGuru: This site gives you the seat maps of all major airlines on earth.
RailEurope: The best and most enjoyable way to travel through Europe is to travel on trains.
XE: A great site for up to date currency conversion.

Best Travel Apps
Apps on your smart phone or tablet can be a great way to book travel, stay organized or find travel information.

Triposo: This is a great app to learn about the place, language, culture and food of almost anywhere you want to travel.
CityMaps2Go: Through this app you can download maps of cities around the world for free.
Tripit: Booking travel? Have a bunch of confusing itineraries? This app will search your email and organize all your travel in one place.
Kayak: The same great booking site in app form.
Skyscanner: The same great booking site in app form.
Flightboard: Keep track of arriving and departing flights from almost any airport.
Travel Advisor: The same great travel site in app form.

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